Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dress Shop PU and a Freebie

Included in kit:
22 Backgrounds
1 Bench
2 Counters
2 Filled Display Cabinets
4 Display Cabinets
7 Display Tables
12 Dresses on Dress Forms
3 Dress Forms
11 Hanging Dresses
2 Folded Cloth Stacks
4 Frames
17 Hats
5 Open Hat Boxes
7 Closed Hat Boxes
1 Hat Box Stack
2 Hat Stands
20 Hats on Hat Stands
1 Tri View Mirror
2 Swivel Mirrors
2 Wall Mirrors
2 Pin Cushions with Pins
2 Floor Plants
1 Scale
2 Folding Screens
13 Pairs of Shoes
3 Signs/Tags
2 Tils/Cash RegisterWelcome to the 1800's when life was simple. Come into the dress shop and have a look around we have all kinds of goodies for you new dresses, hats & shoes. I hope you find something you like. There are 129 elements and 22 backgrounds depicting how a store might of looked back then. All items are full size at 300dpi elements are on png layer and backgrounds are jpg. Drop shadows are for preview purposes only and are not on the final product. This kit is PU, S4H & S4O.

Here is a small freebie:
Small Dress Shop

Download Here: